Transaction of Over RMB 200,000,000 Yuan Concluded at Xiamen International Boat Show in 4 Days

China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (CXIBS) 2012 ended successfully on 5th November. With an ashore exhibition area of 30,000 m2, an overwater exhibition area of 20,000 m2 and more than 200 actual boats in Xiamen Marine, the show lived up to its reputation of No.1 water-based boat show in China. As of the final day of the show, 38 boats had been sold, increasing by 18% compared to last year; the turnover had reached RMB 210,000,000 Yuan, increasing by 17% compared to last year; and the amount of intended transaction had reached RMB 200,000,000 Yuan. Under the influence of the overall situation of international financial crisis, CXIBS still maintained an upward swing, rising against the trend.

During the four-day show, a series of abundant supporting activities, such as First Business College Cup Sailing Boat Competition, 2012 Annual Meeting of Yacht and Dock Managers in Asian-Pacific Region, Dialogue with Global Sailing Elites, Product Promotion Meeting for Foreign Exhibitors, Yacht Baby Contest, Yacht Photography Competition, Yacht Trial and On-site Display of Helicopters and Luxury Cars, attracted more than 10,000 visitors, including more than 1,000 potential customers.

CXIBS Having a Big Harvest Boat Transaction Rising against the Trend
There were good news again and again during the four-day show, and Shanghai BAFS and Shenzhen Speedo Marine even brought heartening news that the royal yachts Majesty 105-ft, Majesty 88-ft and Ferretti 800 were sold successfully during the show. Among which, the Majesty 105-ft was the biggest and the most expensive boat sold in this show, with the selling price of RMB 65 million Yuan.

150-ft Super Luxury Yacht Showed in CXIBS Brand New Products Favored Widely
Jet-Pon Yachts brought Feadship150 super yacht and a water jet pack called Flyboard to participate in the show, adding beautiful sceneries to the show. Flyboard is a newfangled water product and it was the first time for Flyboard to appear in Chinese market. It was known that Jet-Pon Yachts sold 1 JP70, 3 Montrey 240 yachts and 8 Flyboard jet packs during this show. While being asked why it was still willing to spend much money to join this show under such a stagnant market and gained such an outstanding achievement surprisingly, General Manager Li from Jet-Pon Yachts said that “when I first saw Flyboard, this novel product, I was amused with it and decided to bring it into Chinese market at once. I chose to debut it in CXIBS because CXIBS has a strong water player atmosphere. As for this show, I feel that the scale is bigger obviously, the organization of the show is more orderly, and the quality of customers is also greatly improved. There are two reasons why we can achieve such a sales performance. One reason is that our products are competitive; the other is that the Organizing Committee has given us great supports.

10% Exhibitors Ordered Purchasers Across the Country
During the show, Dafeiyang, Smart Hero, Omnia, Nettuno, Fulianxing, Sease,Feipeng, Jiujiang Flit, Red Dragon, Yihong and Rongtec Electronics, etc. also gained good sales results. It was known that the purchasers this year mainly came from the surrounding areas of Fujian, and some purchasers came from Henan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Beijing, Shanxi and other places.

With the successful joining in IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organizers) at the beginning of 2012, the internationalization of CXIBS scaled a new height. Lasting for 4 days from 2nd to 5th November, the attractive ashore and overwater yacht exhibition added luster to this CXIBS. With the scale increasing constantly, the quality improving gradually and the performance hitting records, the show is worthy of the name of “No. 1 Water-based Boat Show” and its trend to become an international boat show is more and more obvious.

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