Booth Type

Booth Type         Service Outdoor Standard booth (3M×3M) Price includes exhibition space (outdoor tent), bilingual (Chinese and English) display of company’s name on the fascia board, 9m2 carpet, 1 reception desk, 1 discussion table, 3 chairs, one … Continue reading


Boats and Luxury Yachts Motor and sailing boats, rubber dinghies, inflatable boats, pleasure and cruise boats   Marina, Leisure and Services Marinas, port and dock equipment, marina equipment, information consultant services, boat design studios, yacht clubs, water sports clubs, logistics … Continue reading


1. Applicants fill out the Exhibition Application Form with the affixation of their common stamp, and fax it to the Organizing Committee; 2. Upon the receipt of the Exhibition Application Form of applicants, the Organizing Committee examines it and send an official … Continue reading